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I'm using Ubuntu 11.10, and am trying to mount a freenas server. I have the server set to share in cifs and nfs with no luck.

I have tried smbmount //192.168.1.### /mnt/

I am not new to Ubuntu but am nowhere near a power user, so I'd prefer a GUI option if available.

How do I mount a cifs share in 11.10?

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There is pyNeighborhood which is a gui for mounting samba shares and available in the software centre for download.

There is a good article located here on how to set it up and use it.

First install cifs utils

sudo apt-get install cifs-utils

Alternatively, the basic terminal command is :

mount -t cifs -o username=USERNAME,password=PASSWD // /mnt/share

Have a read through the Samba documentation here on how to do it and set it up correctly to mount on start up etc.

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is there a way to mount the samba share without 1) hard coding the password and 2) having to be root? – mcExchange Jan 25 at 14:18
@mcExchange root is needed and you can use smb credentials file to protect you credentials – adampski Feb 29 at 13:14
also make sure you have cifs-utils installed: sudo apt-get install cifs-utils. For more info this ubuntu help doc is great. – Marco Pashkov Mar 31 at 5:20
pyNeighborhood gives me segmentation fault when started over ssh in ubuntu 14.04 – Pavel Niedoba May 8 at 22:12
@MarcoPashkov cifs-utils is what got me up and going. None of this would work otherwise. This should be directly included in the answer. – rubynorails Jul 5 at 19:32

I disagree with the claim that root is always necessary to make cifs connections go. It is true, it is always needed for CLI smbmount, but a file manager such as nautilus has ability to mount a cifs share and it is not necessary to be root.

I don't use Gnome, but I still have Nautilus installed. Run this in a terminal to prevent having it try to take over the desktop

$ nautilus --no-desktop &

In Ubuntu 16.04, left side tree menu has "Connect to Server" on the bottom. Click that, the suggestion is type "smb://". smb is old word for "cifs", and if you put in your server and share with smb:// at beginning, connection does work! I promise. If your share is a named thing, it is required after a slash, "smb://".

I've used other file managers in same way. Protocol has to be "smb://".

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