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After I have specified a default EC2 instance type for my Juju charm, how do I override that for one of the services?

For instance, the Juju tutorial deploys wordpress and mysql, and I can set the default-instance-type in my environments.yaml so both services are m1.small

But how do I configure it so that (only) the mysql service gets deployed on an instance type better suited to a database, like m2.xlarge ?

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In summary, if you wanted to deploy with m2.xlarge:

 juju deploy mysql --constraints 'instance-type=m2.xlarge'

Or if you want your deployment script to be more portable between providers:

 juju deploy mysql --constraints 'mem=8G'

Here are the corresponding documents:

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Thanks for that. I'll try and keep an eye on the Launchpad updates. – James Mitchell Feb 7 '12 at 1:21
I see that juju in Ubuntu 12.04 has the constraints feature now, and I can specify a default architecture, memory, or type for a whole environment, and then change it for a single service. Good work! – James Mitchell May 18 '12 at 21:49

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