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I'm running openvpn (client) on a home ubuntu server.

I currently create the connection with the command:

sudo openvpn /path/to/config/file

If I don't run it as root, I get an error that the TUN interface can't be created.

I found an old thread on the topic where someone suggested adding your user to netdev, but after doing that I still get the same error.

How urgent is it to solve this problem? Does it really matter if I init the openvpn connection as root or not? Is it a security hazard?


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Use sudo su then openvpn client.ovpn – Julio Marins May 25 at 20:36

By default OpenVPN runs as root because needs it to create TUN devices.

I dont know if there's any security hazard, but in their wiki, you can find a guide to start OPENVPN with other unprivileged user.

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