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When you want to report an error the best way to report a package in Ubuntu is sudo ubuntu-bug package.

But what if the package is in a developers PPA and I want to report an error with enough information, what tools can I use to generate that necessary information?

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I mean, pidgin is not an official package of ubuntu. as I can make a correct report and upload it to the account of the pidgin developers launchpad – roberss Feb 2 '12 at 15:51
Are you asking specifically how to report non-crash bugs in PPA-provided software? For a crash in official Ubuntu software, ubuntu-bug packagename or sudo ubuntu-bug packagename is only very rarely the best way (or even an acceptably good way) to file a report. Crash bugs should be submitted with backtraces. Apport can be configured to "jump" on crashes that occur in official packages and in a tiny minority of unofficial packages; otherwise the best course is to manually run gdb to get the trace. Please let us know if you're trying to report crash bugs--if so, I can add an answer. – Eliah Kagan Jan 5 '13 at 22:39

The Ubuntu project & community does not take responsibility for PPA and their packages. The only packages that the Ubuntu community maintains are the ones found in the main, restricted, universe and multiverse repository.

Most of the times, there is no way to use Ubuntu standard tools (like Apport) to report bugs against non-Ubuntu packages. You have just two options when you find a bug in a package provided by a PPA:

  1. If you think the bug is also in the Ubuntu "official" package, then remove the PPA package and test the Ubuntu package. If the bug can be reproduced, use ubuntu-bug to report it.

  2. If the bug is only in the PPA package, you should get in touch with the maintainer(s) of the PPA. They will give you instructions about how to report the bug.

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