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I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 according to my help. When I press alt-tab, the display flashes a bit and then all my windows have no title bar. Without a title bar at the top, I can't even restart. All I can do is turn off the power. I had a terminal window open during one of these alt-tab presses, and I'm unable to type in the terminal window. This was working until today when I was asked to install some upgrade.

Please don't advise me to not press alt-tab. I'm have difficulty not pressing alt-tab due to habit and I'm not getting my work done when I have to powerdown a couple of times every hour.

This case happens in situation where u hold the alt key for a while (say 2 to 3 secs) and press the tab button, then monitor flashes implies unity breakdowns and move all the applications to single workspace, if you repeat it second time , you will end up with un accessible desktop where all applications hang.

Then you have only one option restart unity (ctrl + alt + f1) login enter unity command and enter (ctrl + alt f7)

U will get back your desktop but you have to arrange all the applications in the respective workspaces, which makes my day very very bad, I have switched back to linux mint which is at least stable

Sorry for editing it, I din,t find how to answer your post

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Shouldn't this be reported as a bug on launchpad instead? – Benjamin Feb 2 '12 at 12:18
@Benjamin Launchpad has this and this bug report already. – elmicha Feb 5 '12 at 23:02

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I have the same problem here. Running Ubuntu 11.10 on a Samsung N220 Netbook. Things were fine till I have installed an update this afternoon.

Same symptoms as described by the other user: when I alt+tab windows title bars and the left icons tray bar disappear.

I believe it's an issue of incompatibility with the graphic chipset and today's update.

What computer and graphic card are you running ubuntu on?

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As a temporary fix for the problem try this.

When the title bar disappears you can change your mode to Start X mode (pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1) and run unity in the console.

After Unity started you should change your mode back by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F7.

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As far as the left bar thing, try can find it in your ubuntu unity for installing programs. It gives you a bar at the bottom of the screen like windows and I believe you have the option of turning off the l. bar too.

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That's a bug that has already been reported on Launchpad here and/or here.

As a workaround, you can install Unity 2D and use it instead of the normal Unity 3D. To run Unity 2D, click on the little gear () in the Login window, where you enter your password (LightDM). There you can select Unity 2D.

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