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I frequently leave my laptop idle and close the lid when i do so. Problem is that the wireless turns off if i do so and my downloads can't happen.

Is there anyway to prevent that from happening? I am using 10.04.

P.S. I have already disabled suspend from happening on default

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Not only the wireless goes off, but the whole machine goes to sleep mode - disk spins down, CPU stops - the energy is only spent on keeping RAM alive. So, as you understand, in sleep mode downloads can't happen anyway.

The way to fix it is to adjust power settings to not to send the computer to sleep when the lid is closed. This, obviously, would result in power consumption similar to that when the lid is open.

UPDATE: If you already disabled suspend on lid close and the wireless still turns off, it suggests there may be some bug/glitch/misconfiguration in some versions of Ubuntu. I searched Ubuntu bug database but couldn't find anything similar - however, as this forum thread shows, there are other users who experienced similar problems.

So, if you really love to code as your avatar suggests, you may start from investigating /etc/acpi/ script, which, as I understand, is invoked when the lid is closed, and go from there - hopefully you will be able to find the cause of the problem, fix the issue for yourself and then report the bug+solution to the Ubuntu bugtracker.

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i have already set my power settings so that when the lid closes only the display goes blank, yet still the wireless turns off – prometheuspk Feb 2 '12 at 6:33
This is old, nevertheless: On my Thinkpad E531 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS I don't have a file /etc/acpi/ Do you happen to know where else I could find, or if I can just create it? Thanks! – atrioom Jan 7 at 14:13

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