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How to run a .vhd file (VirtualPC image) in Ubuntu 11.10 and which software can be used to run it?

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To do this, I proceeded as follow:

install qemu package (sudo apt-get install qemu) convert .vhd file:

qemu-img convert -O raw myfile.vhd myfile.bin once the file has been

converted, we convert it to .vdi format using VBoxManage: VBoxManage

convertfromraw myfile.bin myfile.vdi –variant standard

note1: “variant” is specified to ensure we have an expandable vdi file (.bin

file is 17Gb, .vdi file will be only 1.5Gb)

note2: in previous version, “convertfromraw” command was called “convertdd” That’s it.

Simply load your vdi file within VirtualBox, do it for all three xp .vhd files and you can now use all these VM more easily.

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