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I'm using the elementary icon theme from their PPA, it's great, but have some problems. In almost all cases I fix it without any problem, but I can't solve this one.

The battery icon is "missing" and it show and ugly battery icon, I don't have sure from where it came and how to change it. Does anyone have any information that can help me to fix it?

I already tried to change the name of the file, copy from other themes, make inherent themes too, and nothing solve it.

Ps.: Already "Googled" it, but just found some people with problems like "missing icon" or something like that.

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Here is an image of the problem:… – euDennis Feb 1 '12 at 19:51

I had the same problem after installing Faenza icon set. The problems were the ~/icons/Faenza/status/scalable/battery****symbolic.svg symlinks. They were pointing at some ugly big squarish battery drawings. I replaced them with those in the usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark/status/24/

Just copied all the battery *.* files to ~/icons/Faenza/status/scalable/ overwriting everything.

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This is a known bug(s). Currently the elementary-icon-theme (at least the daily's, which I assume you are using) borrows from gnomes default icon theme for some icons which have yet to be designed for a future release of elementary-icon-theme (previewed in the daily PPA). There also some sort of upstream scaling bug affecting the indicator-power and the designer(s) are awaiting a fix for that before designing/implementing a new icon for indicator-power.

Please see and and click 'also affects' if it pleases you. Although the designers/developers are already fully aware of both bugs.

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