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I tried to to recompile network manager in this way but did not succeeded.

Can you explain me how can I install wimax tools? Or tell me what is wrong with my installation?

I installed wimax tools successfully from this source, but when I am trying to compile network manager I get this error:

checking for QT... no
checking for LIBNL1... no
checking for LIBNL2... no
checking for LIBNL3... yes
checking for UUID... yes
checking for IWMX_SDK... no
configure: error: Intel WiMAX SDK is required
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You may have to point configure to the headers? ./configure --wimax=/usr/local/wimax or wherever the headers are located. Try ./configure --help | less to glean the correct switch. Also, if wimax libs are installed in a non-default location, you may have to configure the ld path and run ldconfig. The basic meaning of the error is that configure cannot locate the software it needs to compile. – user8290 Feb 11 '12 at 19:57

It would appear that WiMAX support in network-manager is written against some specific SDK from Intel, which they seem to have dropped the ball on, as I can't seem to find a link to download it anywhere, and is dead. In order to compile network-manager against wimax-tools instead, it would need some work to look for that library, and match the API it uses.

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