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I can start LumiSoft mailserver in console mode like this:

./lsMailServer.exe -daemon

Unfortunately this blocks the terminal that was used. And I am logged in via ssh.

I'm just experimenting with the server, so I need to restart a lot after configuration changes.

Normally, I'd use the open command in this circumstance, which normally works fine.

It also works fine, when I do open ./lsMailServer.exe with X-Forwarding.

But I want to run the server terminal-only, which requires the -daemon option. Now when I do

open opt/MyPath/lsMailServer.exe -daemon

I get the following error message:

open: invalid option -- 'd' Usage: openvt [-c vtnumber] [-f] [-l] [-u] [-s] [-v] [-w] -- command_line

How can I use open with a program + arguments for that program ?

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Aaaaah,forget it, one only needs to add -- after open:

openvt -- ls -l


open -- /opt/LumiSoft/Debug/lsMailServer.exe -daemon


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I was writing an answer just with this information. Anyway, you definitely must give a look and a try to GNU screen. – enzotib Jan 31 '12 at 19:42

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