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I have a user profile all setup with all settings the way I want them. I want to copy the entire configured profile to a new user account.

This is what I'm doing (user is already added to system):

  1. Log out, switch to terminal, service gdm stop.
  2. mkdir /home/newuser
  3. cp -a /home/olduser/* /home/newuser/
  4. chown newuser:newuser /home/newuser -R
  5. service gdm start

Then I log in as newuser. When I log in, the desktop looks like a brand new user profile and not the customized profile that I copied.

I want everything in the new profile. The theme, where the docks are located and configured, desktop icons, firefox favorites, etc.

Any idea why this isn't working? I am using Ubuntu 10.04

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OK, I figured it out. Apparently cp /* skips dot files.

You have to explicitly copy dot files with:

cp -a /home/olduser/.* /home/newuser/

And to copy everything do both:

cp -a /home/olduser/* /home/newuser/
cp -a /home/olduser/.* /home/newuser/
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The bash shell has an option dotglob (you can set it with shopt—see the bash manual for more info) which, if set, makes * match files starting with a dot too. – JanC Jan 31 '12 at 19:17
Oh, and you might want to "accept" your own solution so that this question is marked as answered... – JanC Jan 31 '12 at 19:19
+1 for the dotglob comment. There's a waiting period on accepting answers too soon... – Nick Feb 1 '12 at 17:41

You will need to do more then that.

sudo mv /home/new_user /home/new_user.bak
sudo cp -R /home/old_user /home/new_user
sudo chown -R new_user:new_user /home/new_user

Log into the new user account. If all is working, delete the backup

sudo rm -rf /home/new_user.bak
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