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I have installed nginx and php-fpm on a 64-bit Ubuntu Server 11.10. The server works fine but I am trying to test the server (using ab) with 10,000 concurrent connections. When I try it I get socket: Too many open files (24).

I have tried some changes involving pam.d and the security conf but nothing worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Post your nginx config and try running nginx without php-fpm. – bodhi.zazen Jan 31 '12 at 17:22
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Found a solutions. I was looking at all wrong. nginx was not giving any errors. It was the Ubuntu client where I was running ab that was giving an error. The server was fine.

Solution (to be executed on the client i.e. the machine where you are running ab:

sudo su

this is to be root

ulimit -n 20000

this is to allow more than 10000 connections. I chose 20000 randomly.

Note that theses are not permanent settings and will be reset once you reboot.

Check out the below post for some more tweaks on the client side -

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