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How can I produce a text file list of all members in Launchpad team?

For example, this page only shows the list of users in batches of 75:

I would like to get the whole list in one text dump.

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As explained by @Rinzwind, you'll need to make multiple queries to take into account the pagination or use python and launchpadlib to handle the pagination for you:

>>> team = launchpad.people['launchpad-beta-testers']
>>> len(team.members)
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+1 ! cool api :) I just had to steal the link for my own answer >:) – Rinzwind Jan 31 '12 at 10:05
  • Altering the URL

Besides mailing someone to get a list of members I doubt it will be possible to get this list in 1 go. The URL has a parameter in it to expand the amount of names but the maximum amount of members you can get on 1 page is 300.

That would make it 8 pages you need to copy/paste. This would be the quickest 1 time usable solution.

  • alternate solution...

If you can code you could make a script for this. Maybe someone can expand on this:

  • wget --no-check-certificate will get the 1st 300.
  • wget --no-check-certificate will get the 2nd 300.
  • wget --no-check-certificate will get the 3rd 300.

With a combination of grep, sed, awk, regexes and maybe some other tools it should be possible to get the names from commandline.

I download these 3 to 3 text files and the command...

grep class=\"sprite\ person\" * |more

gets me all the lines that have a name in it (with a bit of overhead) for this file.

You can use for this if you want to code a program for it.

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