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I don't even have Python 3 interpreter currently, and was surprised by this Wikipedia article: link while I searched for 12.04 release date.

It mentiones Python 3.2 as default Python interpreter in Ubuntu 12.04, while IMHO I wouldn't have expected Python 3 so soon.

Is Wikipedia information correct?

I found also this: link but it's not clear as which would be default

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12.04 will probably have both 3.2 and 2.7 on the CD - the plan is to port Update Manager to Python 3. Typing python at a command prompt will still get you Python 2.7, though.

I think the Wikipedia article is giving the most recent version which is installed by default, rather than the 'default Python interpreter'.

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To see what version of packages are in use in the different releases of Ubuntu, use

It shows that Python 3 is not the default in Precise. This site currently isn't suitable for questions of that kind, because this may change tomorrow. It's very difficult for us to manage when a correct answer becomes incorrect.

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